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Halead's Shanghai International APPP EXPO Exceeds Expectations, Achieving Resounding Success!

Jun 30, 2023

The 30th APPP EXPO, held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center for four days starting from June 18, 2023, proved to be a remarkable event. This influential international brand exhibition in the advertising, signage, printing, packaging industry, and related sectors showcased the offerings of more than 1,600 domestic and foreign exhibitors. The offline exhibition attracted an impressive attendance of approximately 110,000 visitors.

Halead's Plastics Division and Film Division collaborated effectively, presenting a diverse range of products, including advertising materials and industrial fabrics. Under the guidance of Bocun Chen (Daniel), the Deputy General Manager, the team skillfully engaged visitors, enticing them with product introductions and samples. The result was a consistent influx of visitors, with over 100 customers being received daily.


The exhibition proved highly fruitful for the Halead team, as they successfully secured orders from numerous customers, significantly bolstering their sales. Actively communicating and negotiating with both exhibition visitors and potential partners, Halead effectively demonstrated their superior brand competitiveness, garnering widespread interest and appreciation.

Halead's exhibition experience serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to continuous development and the enhancement of quality. As a leading enterprise in the industry, Halead remains steadfast in their pursuit of providing exceptional products and services that cater to customer needs, while also making valuable contributions to society.

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