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Halead Techtextil 2024 : Product Innovation Empowering Global Market Competitiveness!

Apr 29, 2024

On April 26th, Leo, Polly, and Sarah from Hailide Plastic Division, along with the foreign regional sales, showcased new coated products at the four-day Frankfurt Techtextil 2024. The event attracted visitors from 20 countries worldwide to the Halead booth.

At the exhibition, Halead presented innovative research and development products like TPU composite materials, as well as upgraded products like knife-coated tarpaulins, construction and environmental materials, Tarpaulin materials, and boat materials. These new offerings underscored Halead's exceptional strength in product quality, technological innovation, and widespread applications, garnering attention from global audiences. Additionally, Halead highlighted its expertise in flame-retardant performance research, showcasing the unique advantages and features of flame-retardant products through promotional activities.

Throughout the exhibition, Halead welcomed over 200 new and existing clients from Europe, Turkey, India, the Americas, South Africa, Japan, and other countries. Contracts for 450,000 square meters were signed on-site, with preliminary cooperation intentions reached with some clients. Furthermore, the team noted a growing demand for tarpaulin products from countries outside the European Union, such as the UK and Turkey, indicating broad opportunities and potential for Halead's brand expansion in international markets.

The exhibition facilitated closer ties between Halead and the international market, providing valuable insights into product innovation and development trends in the industrial textile industry, guiding future international market strategies. Looking ahead, Halead aims to further expand into overseas markets, continuously enhance technological innovation, product quality, and service standards, delivering superior products and services to customers, and jointly creating a brighter future!

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