Environmental project

Biogas storage tank

The outer membrane is the shell of the gas tank. The pressure controller chamber is formed between the outer membrane and the inner membrane to realize the constant pressure output to the inner membrane and protect the inner membrane.

Halead environment materials, as the inner and outer membrane material, through the unique material structure design and  product formula, which can realize low permeability methane, hydrogen sulfide gas corrosion resistance, anti uv rays and anti bacterial & mildew, at the same time have excellent anti weathering  aging, anti oxidation, high tensile & tear & welding strength, suitable for wind, snow and other extreme weather conditions.

sewage treatment cover

Main principle of the sewage treatment cover: above the sewage pool add environmental materials cover, prevent waste gas to the air pollution, the shield surface to add the outlet, ventilation pipes, the fan will suction exhaust to purification tower, acidic waste gas absorb by alkaline liquid circulation, alkaline waste gas absorb by the acid circulation spray, so emissions meet the national standards.

Halead environment materials, with excellent acid and alkali resistance, can maintain extremely excellent physical properties after acid and alkali corrosion.  At the same time, the material which could suit to limit temperature, have high weathering aging,  oxidation, anti-uv and anti bacterial & mildew performance.

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