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The website of HALEAD Plastics Division is newly upgraded and launched! []

Sep 01, 2021

        In order to better serve customers and deliver the latest product trends in a timely manner, the sub-website of HALEAD Plastics Division will be upgraded and launched on September 1, 2021. The website adopts two language versions, Chinese and English. The content includes five sections of HALEAD company introduction, product introduction, application fields, news trends, etc. Through the exquisite graphic content, it can help customers quickly understand company introduction, product information, exhibition announcements, etc. News.

        The six categories of the product center include industrial fabrics, advertising inkjet materials, and soft film decoration materials. Through the product center, you can quickly find the target product, view product information, and obtain product data. With the advancement of technology research in the future, there will be more updates and many new products will be released on the website platform for the first time. Looking forward to it!

        To become the world's leading product and service provider in the professional field —— HALEAD

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