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HAB265 Catalog: Industrial fabrics

Suitable for Airtight Inflatable Boat.

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Article number: HAB265

Tape of CoatingPVC//
Base FabricUltra-low shrinkage PES industrial yarn/DIN EN 60001
Titer of Yarn
1000D*1000D 20*22/
DIN ISO 2060
Total weight650~750g/m²DIN EN ISO 2286-2
Thickness-mmDIN EN ISO 2286-2
Tensile Strength2800/2500N/5cmDIN EN ISO 1421 DIN 53354
Tear Strength320/250NDIN 53363
Adhesion Strength120N/5cmDIN 53357
Transmittance-%DIN EN I 63364
Flame RetardanctyCustomizable/GB 8624-2012 / DIN 4102
Width & LengthStandard width: 3 meters, standard roll length: 100 meters, can be customized
RemarksColor, surface and flame retardancty can be customized

* Colours, textures and technical data are given as a reference only and can be modified.

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