Logistics transportation

HALEAD truck canopy materials are widely used all over the world because of its beautiful appearance and convenient use, which greatly reduces the load-bearing capacity of trucks.

Efficient loading and unloading: The side curtains and other parts of the carriage body are extremely convenient to disassemble, and they can be loaded and unloaded from four directions. It is very convenient to use forklifts for unloading, and one load can be unloaded in 20 minutes, which greatly improves the efficiency of logistics transportation. Especially suitable for goods with pallets, forklifts can operate at any angle.

Car advertisement: The side of the carriage is made of soft reinforced materials, and the inkjet advertisement can be made on the tarp. The appearance pattern is more exquisite than the container inkjet advertisement.

Wide application range: The main material of the car body is soft curtain fabric, so it can be tailored according to any trailer chassis structure. This kind of mobile curtain car body can be used on any trailer chassis of any structure.

The most prominent advantage of the canopy material car box is that it can minimize its own weight. This can also reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, and reduce transportation costs. The canopy material has passed the EU REACH environmental protection test, can be reused many times, and can realize fast loading and unloading operations, which can greatly save operation time and reduce pollutant emissions during the operation.

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